Important Information for Participants

The layout of our premises allows for separate entry and exit points (except for wheelchair access). The entry point has a screen and one way door which will allow us to implement necessary actions prior to participants entering the premises.

New Procedures

One way entry & exit system and hand washing facilities at point of entry. Sanitiser & mask provided at entry.

Socially distanced work stations and perspex dividers between workstations.

Sanitiser at desks.

Full risk assessment implemented by all staff.

Information posters placed around premises.

Participant attendance will be recorded for possible tracing requirements.

Increased cleaning regime and use of existing ventilation systems.

Studio disinfected after every session

Please do not arrive for your session more than 5 minutes before it begins.

Entry to the studio will be through the main door on the Cross Court - you will need to ring the bell and a member of staff will admit you. Please be patient and do not gather in groups at the door.

If you have limited mobility or require wheelchair access you will be able to access the studio through the rear doors in the car park. We will keep you informed as to how to contact staff. We will reserve parking for those with mobility problems, so if you can park elsewhere safely please do so.

You will be provided with a mask and access to handwashing/sanitiser.

Please do not enter the studio until advised by a member of staff. This will ensure groups do not mix and we can disinfect the studio for you.

We will ensure you have a workspace which is appropriately distanced from others in the studio.

A member of staff will provide you with all materials. Please do not try and find your own materials - this will avoid unnecessary contacts.

Enter through main door on Cross Court

Exit and disabled access through rear door at car park

There will be a maximum of 10 participants in sessions to ensure social distancing. Please not that we will be running ventilation fans throughout sessions, so the studio may be colder than usual.